Can't Means Wont
Just beautiful…….. Don’t you think? VlM

Just beautiful…….. Don’t you think? VlM

Ok I’m new to this…….

So I thought I’d start a blog kinda thing? I think it’s important sometimes to jot down thing’s as I’m sure I’ll forget something’s along the way? The weather is beautiful out today, slight breeze but the sun is shining and all is well with the world. I’m feeling a bit deflated today, no particular reason I don’t think, just a bit blughhh…. Need to snap out of it! FAST! HHmmmmm……. What to do? I think I’ll listen to a bit of Snow Patrol…. My favourite song on the new album has to be track 8 - Life-ning Just the words are beautiful, but to be fair I could just sit & listen to the whole album over & over again :-) 

YES!!! I know I’l just sit relax & listen to the beautiful voice of Gary Lightbody & Chilax, brew in 1 hand & a good book in the other :-)

Until next time……… VlM